THE MAGIC OF JUNE: Swimming, Flowers & Fireflies
3 Mar 2023

THE MAGIC OF JUNE: Swimming, Flowers & Fireflies

June has always been one of my favourite months of the year. The month heralds that summer has well and truly arrived with the colourful peak of late springtime and early summer blooms. The meadow flowers carpet the ground, with wild violets and lavender dancing with bees and butterflies lining the footpaths around the village. Every nook and cranny, every space, seems filled with life, growth and colour. June is the month that makes me feel uplifted, and ready to bask in the joy of the summer sunshine, and without the humidity or crowds of the school holidays. Warmer sea swimming, lounging like a lizard at the beach clubs and breezy hikes for mountain-top picnics. And definitely one of my favourite months for sleeping under canvas in a flower-filled meadow.

Our first June here in Italy was quite magical. Of course we had seen fireflies before, but not on this scale. Perhaps it's the absence of light pollution, or even pollution in general. The undisturbed landscape and woodlands provide a haven for these fairy-like bugs to flourish. Taking an evening stroll along forest paths becomes an otherworldly sight wandering under the fairy-lit canopies, through sparkling tunnels of light. Our star-gazy camping meadow is situated next to an undisturbed woodland where the fireflies seem to thrive more intensely.

Our friend Peter told us there is even a special day for fireflies back home in Slovakia. A day in mid-June they're considered to be at their peak. Here in Liguria, that day appears to be most of June, as they start to fade away during the more intense heat of late-July. For me, there's an increased beauty in their temporary nature. Reminding us of the transient nature of being - that in fact everything is temporary and we cannot grasp or hold on to this beauty. We can only observe and immerse ourselves in this moment. The fireflies of presence perhaps. 

We invite you to experience this magical month for yourself. Come and join us for our Yoga and Cookery Classes retreat this coming June (Thursday 8th to Monday 12th June). You can secure your choice of accommodation directly through our booking page here.